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Custom Art Personally Designed for You!

No piece of art compares to one that is personally created for you! And we have two ways we can create custom art with images that are uniquely yours--through commissioned portraits, and with photographs that you provide.

Commissioned Portrait Art- It all starts with a no-charge consultation for us to plan how we will bring about your vision for your custom portrait art. As this is highly specialized, please call for further details or send your inquiry via our contact page and we will contact you.


Creating Something Special from Photographs You Provide-Special artwork created from your personal images.


Some frequently asked questions about this service:

How do I get started?
First will need to look at your photographs and find out your specifics, to give you an accurate estimate. You can email or mail or photographs.  You can email your image for review to info@visualpsalms.com  If photographs need to be mailed, please contact via email before sending

What size photographs do you need ?
A 5x7 image is a good size to start with, on up to an 11x14

Do I get my photos back?
Yes, your photographs will be returned

Can I email pictures to you?
Yes you can send digital files. Email them to info@visualpsalms.com

Can I use a professional portraits?
You can if you have a release from the photographer

 How much does a custom art portrait cost?
Prices start at $125 for an 8x10 and go up from there depending on  number of subjects in the portrait, corrections needed, background detail, etc

What size is the finished portrait?
Sizes start at 8x10 and and go larger

How long does it take to get a finished portrait?
 Generally allow 4-6 weeks

Is the artwork done on  fine art paper or canvas?
Both mediums are available.

How do I pay for my custom portrait?
A 50% deposit is required to start the work, and the balance is due upon completion 

Do you have gift certificates?
Yes! Gift certificates are available